About Me

A Celebrant? Me?

The cliché -but nevertheless true- explanation is that I love love. I love seeing people in love. I love hearing stories about how people met, how they knew that the person they are with is the one they want to spend the rest of their lives with. I love knowing that these very same people are trusting me with the greatest honour of being there and helping them declare that very intention to their closest friends and family.

I believe that love knows no gender. It knows no age, no race, no religion. If two adults love each other and want to marry, I want to see them achieve that goal. Your happiness is my happiness. (Ugh, another cliché! Why do they all have to be so true?!)

But it’s not just weddings and vow renewals that interest me; I am also very passionate about naming ceremonies. I mean, really, who wouldn’t want to be paid to snuggle cute little babies and celebrate their gorgeous little lives with their families?

The truth is, you’re either going to like me or you won’t, a statement that rings true as a description for every individual personality on the planet. Personally, I hope that you’ll like me. I’m a bit of a people pleaser by nature, but I will admit that I do come off a bit high-energy sometimes.

I like to describe myself as assertive, fun-loving and quirky. In fact, when I first announced to my friends and family that this was the path I wished to pursue, on each occasion people declared “Oh, I can SO see you doing niche services! Like, Harry Potter or Zombie themed!”

Because, you know, Harry Potter and Zombies go hand-in-hand. Hmm.

Still, I guess they had a point. I love to be involved in things that are a little left of centre. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy traditionalism (check out a few of my personal wedding photos here on the website) but if you’re after a celebrant willing to impersonate Professor Snape, I’m your gal. I’ve even got my very own replica Severus Snape wand. (Sorry, did I not mention that I’m a *little* bit geeky?)

I’m big on equality. Same-sex marriage is a cause I have campaigned for since I was a teenager, and I will continue to do so for as long as it takes to be not only legal across Australia (which it is now! WOOT!) but also all over the globe.

I was married in 2008 at the age of 23 to my first and only love, Adam. Our first child, a cheeky creature we named Theodore, was born in 2013. He’s now an extroverted, opinionated little person who keeps us on our toes. After some time, we welcomed another baby boy, Benedict (Benji/Benny/Eggsy – that last one is my hubby’s preferred nickname) in early 2020. We also currently have a big, silly dog (Audrey) and two hyperactive inside cats (Ziggy Stardust & Bellatrix Lestrange) that complete our perfect little circle of crazy.

My favourite film of all time is Die Hard (I know, I know, the third one was the best, but my deep-seated love affair with Alan Rickman will never be shaken) and my musical collection is eclectic, ranging from show tunes to Metallica and almost everything in between.

My favourite style of dress is Rockabilly or Swing and, despite the rampant sexism, I’m enamoured by the entire 40s through 60s lifestyle. What can I say? I like kitsch.

Also -and it might be a little obvious by now- I like to talk. Good thing that’s a great quality to have as a celebrant, huh?