Love is a beautiful thing to celebrate, especially when you’re making a commitment in front of your friends and family, and I make it my personal aim to give you the ceremony of your dreams. From our initial meeting -where we sort out your Notice of Intended Marriage form- all the way through to the … Continue reading Weddings


It may just be that an elaborate ceremony is not your style at all, and that’s perfectly fine. A Bare Bones/Bare Legal Minimum (often referred to as ‘Kiss & Go’ or ‘Micro’) Wedding might be what you are looking for instead. This is literally just the bare legal minimum that needs to be said by … Continue reading Micro-Weddings

Naming Ceremonies

Baby Naming Ceremonies (or just Naming Ceremonies) are becoming a popular alternative to the traditional Christening. These celebrate the new life brought into a family and the unlimited potential of that beautiful little person, regardless of the child’s age. During these ceremonies, you, as parents, state your love and commitment to your child and declare … Continue reading Naming Ceremonies