Love is a beautiful thing to celebrate, especially when you’re making a commitment in front of your friends and family, and I make it my personal aim to give you the ceremony of your dreams. From our initial meeting -where we sort out your Notice of Intended Marriage form- all the way through to the big day, I will ask you for your input at every step. We will run through things like the tone of your ceremony, if there is a theme you’d like incorporated, how long you’d like it to run for and much more. Then I will draft a script according to the notes I take during our first meeting and send it to you for your input. I will continue to edit your ceremony script until you are 100% satisfied that it is perfect for you.

I also give you the option for a Wedding Rehearsal, which I find does help to smooth out any unforeseen issues or confusion about the logistics of the ceremony – including (but not limited to) the pace walking down the aisle, where everyone will stand, practicing the ring exchange, how the Bride will be given away (if at all) and the length of the ceremony.

If you choose to have a Wedding Rehearsal, this will also be the time where we go through the next lot of forms -the Declaration of No Legal Impediment- which needs to be signed before the ceremony, but as close to it as possible. If you do not choose to have a Wedding Rehearsal, we will just need to arrange a short meeting before the ceremony to sign these forms.

On the day of our first meeting, I will ask that you and your partner each bring:

  • Proof of your place of birth and birth date (either an Original of your Birth Certificate/Extract -with a formal/official translation if it is not in English OR a Passport);
  • Photo ID (an 18+ Card, Driver’s Licence or Passport); and
  • Evidence of the termination of your last marriage (Divorce or Death Certificate) – which only applies if this is not your first marriage