I am also happy to offer Bare Bones/Bare Legal Minimum (often referred to as ‘Kiss & Go’ or ‘Micro’) Marriage Ceremonies Monday – Friday, after 6pm**, either at a location of your choosing within the greater Brisbane area for $375 or in my own home for $325 – these only include the minimum wording as required by law (ie-“the bare bones”), though I do usually write a small personalised script around the legal wording because I can’t help myself.  (These prices also include a non-refundable $150 booking fee, as well as the initial meeting to lodge the NOIM and the lodgement of all paperwork with the government to register the marriage.)

If you cannot provide your own witnesses, I can provide them for you at an additional fee of $30 per witness. (You will require two people aged 18 or over who can understand the vows you are taking. If you or your witnesses require an interpreter, you must organise their services yourselves, and an additional $25 fee for extra form processing and lodgement will apply.)

**I do also provide this service at any time on a Saturday & Sunday in a location of your choice for $475 (including a $150  booking fee), and the standard terms and conditions outlined still apply