My standard fee to solemnise a marriage is $650. This includes a non-refundable Booking Fee of $150 to secure the date and time of your ceremony.

This includes the initial meeting to fill out paperwork and start planning your ceremony, unlimited correspondence for the planning and personalisation of your ceremony to your liking, the use of a PA, and the lodgement of all of your legal paperwork with the government to register your marriage.

Additional charges that may be incurred are applicable to:

Excess Travel (this fee is negotiated with you at the time of booking, and elements taken into consideration are time and/or distance of travel, if overnight accommodation is necessary, if travel costs such as airfares or rail are necessary etc.)

Rehearsal of Ceremony – An additional $150 fee is applicable for wedding ceremony rehearsals.

Use of an Interpreter – An extra fee of $25 is incurred for additional form preparation and lodgement only. If you require the services of an interpreter, you must organise them yourselves.

Ceremonies at an unconventional time or with extra risk factors (this will also be negotiated with you at the time of booking)

Any additional/special requirements not already addressed above (also negotiated at time of booking, dependant on the requirements)

An additional fee of $50 may be applied at the celebrant’s discretion for any changes to the agreed time/date/location of the ceremony (with exceptions made for uncontrollable circumstances on the day, eg. weather)