It may just be that an elaborate ceremony is not your style at all, and that’s perfectly fine. A Bare Bones/Bare Legal Minimum (often referred to as ‘Kiss & Go’ or ‘Micro’) Wedding might be what you are looking for instead. This is literally just the bare legal minimum that needs to be said by an authorised official in order for you to be married. These weddings take all of five (5) minutes from start to finish, but hold the same legal weight as a big, personalised ceremony. I am happy to offer this service Monday-Thursday, including after business hours, and can either come to you and marry you in a location of your choice (provided it is in the greater Brisbane area) or in my own home. We would still need to have an initial meeting at least one (1) calendar month prior to fill in the Notice of Intended Marriage.

On the day of our first meeting, I will ask that you and your partner each bring:

  • Proof of your place of birth and birth date (either an Original of your Birth Certificate/Extract -with a formal/official translation if it is not in English OR a Passport);
  • Photo ID (an 18+ Card, Driver’s Licence or Passport); and
  • Evidence of the termination of your last marriage (Divorce or Death Certificate) – which only applies if this is not your first marriage

Please Note – I currently only offer this service for weekends, public holidays and after 6pm Monday-Friday.