Vow Renewals & Commitment Ceremonies

I approach these ceremonies as I would a Wedding, the only difference being the lack of any legal paperwork or government forms. They are a beautiful way to celebrate an anniversary with your spouse, especially some of the “big” milestone anniversaries! What could be better than to renew your commitment to one another in front of your friends and family? Similarly, if you have been legally married overseas but would like to hold a ceremony here in Australia for your friends and family who couldn’t make it to your wedding, these are a fantastic option!

As with a wedding ceremony, I will meet with you and discuss things like tone, theme and length of ceremony, as well as any special inclusions you would like to add. I will then start drafting a personalised script and send it to you for your thoughts and input. We will continue to correspond via phone and email until you are completely satisfied with the ceremony script.

Though these ceremonies hold no legal weight, they are a beautiful celebration of your ongoing love as a couple, and you will receive a Commemorative Certificate as a keepsake.

Please Note – I currently only offer this service for weekends, public holidays and after 6pm Monday-Friday.